"Only two things protect America, the grace of Almighty God and the United State Military."

Legendary country music star Charlie Daniels had a special place in his heart for veterans. So much so that just days before his untimely death on July 6, 2020, he was helping plan a Jeep raffle that would send funds to local veterans, as well as to the Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project, which assists not-for-profit causes that provide veterans with rehabilitation, reintegration, and opportunities as they transition to civilian life.

Bruce Uher Sr. and Bruce Uher Jr. ,owners of Specialty Jeeps in Coshocton Ohio, along with their crew and LTC.G.J. Bowman (EN USA RET) had decided to restore this 1951 M38 Korean War Jeep and raffle it off to help our veterans. Bruce Uher Sr. used to work for Charlie Daniels and The Charlie Daniels Band. Bruce introduced the idea to his good friend Charlie and his manager David Corlew about raffling the Jeep to help raise money for local veterans and Charlie's Journey Home Project and Charlie loved the idea. The Jeep was completed and on Friday July 3rd, 2020 Bruce was discussing with Charlie about taking the Jeep to Tennessee to get some pictures and video with him and the Jeep to help with advertising. Unfortunately on the following Monday Charlie had passed away from a stroke. The Jeep raffle was something that Charlie really loved and was looking forward to being involved with so with the blessings of his son Charlie Jr. and his long time Manager David Corlew we have decided to move forward with the raffle in his honor.

The Jeep will be on display at several Jeep dealerships and events throughout 2021 and tickets will be available at these events and tickets can be purchased here online. Tickets will also be available at other locations wherever the "Beep Beep Win A Jeep" posters are on display. The winner will be drawn on December 1st, 2021. The money raised will go to the local DAV Disabled American Veterans for help with veterans such as food, rent, and any other hardships our veterans are facing along with Charlie Daniel's Journey Home Project located in Nashville, TN.

In 2013 Bruce Uher Sr. organized what he called a "Block Party" to help raise enough money to get the local veterans a new van to transport our veterans to and from doctor appointments and VA hospital appointments. At that time our government would not buy them a van so Bruce and his son stepped up and organized what he called a "Block Party" along with numerous people and organizations including the Coshocton Moose Lodge 935. He blocked Main Street off in his hometown of Coshocton, Ohio and set up a stage and had a three day event with entertainment, food and fun! He called on all his friends in the music business like Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels, Toby Keith, Little Texas, Kenny Chesney, Eric Moore of The GODZ, Blackhawk, The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band and Confederate Railroad just to name a few. These artists donated signed guitars that were raffled off and along with all the other memorabilia and a 50/50 drawing they were able to raise enough money to get our veterans the new van they not only needed but deserved! Here are a few pictures from that event.

This Raffle will help our local veterans and the veterans of Charlie's Journey Home Project. With your support we can make this happen! Our veterans gave all for us and now it's time to give back to them.

All of us at Specialty Jeeps,

Bruce Uher Sr.
Bruce Uher Jr.
David Best
Joe Moore
Eric Wyler